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Our Coffees: Our Food

Signature Blend

Strength 5/5

Our Signature blend is a carefully crafted coffee using five different single origin beans sourced from America and Asia. It is expertly blended from these superior beans, resulting in a coffee that is full bodied and well balanced with dark berry tones. It’s a beautiful dark roast with both natural depth and sweetness.

Sumatra Mandeling

Strength 4/5

From the well known Indonesian islands, this coffee is marked ‘Mandeling Grade One’ and was voted as one of the top ten coffees in the world in both 2019 and 2020. A dense and earthy brew from the highlands, this coffee exhibit a rich body, low acidity and smooth flavour. Intense aromas invoke bitter sweet chocolate, tropical spice and hardwood. This distinctive single origin coffee is made from select beans with a darker roast, rustic, smoky flavours and tones of tropical fruit that Sumatran coffee is famous for.

Gunung Kerinci, Danau Kerinci, Danau Gun

Columbia Supremo

Strength 3/5

This exquisite, single origin coffee is made from superior Columbian Arabica beans. Discover a coffee that displays lovely notes of sweet tangerine, raw sugar and toasted walnuts. It’s smooth and light with a refreshingly mellow, clean character and a wonderful aroma. A great beginner’s coffee and still appreciated by the connoisseur.

French Roast

Strength 5/5

A dark roast coffee lover’s dream! A unique blend of two South American, single origin beans, this is a bold yet smooth brew. A proper morning coffee to get the engine started. Roasted to a beautiful dark brown with an even development of surface oils. Our French Roast is a coffee with presence and a body that is smooth and deliciously heavy.


Ethiopian Djimmah

Strength 3/5

Djimmah is a city in Ethiopia near Kaffa, the origin of the coffee plant. This coffee grows at high altitudes, as part of the natural forest, where the climate is ideal. The forest trees shelter the coffee plants from the midday sun and preserve the soil’s moisture, giving this coffee its complex tasting notes. Ethiopian coffees are famous for their full body, richness and exceptionally winey taste.

Columbia Castillo

Strength 3/5

A 100% Columbian Arabica coffee with an initial sharp, sweetness followed by smooth nutty flavours and a wonderful floral aromatics. This is a sweet coffee perfect for the beginner and those who enjoy a sweet, smooth, superior coffee without the aggressive or spicy characteristics.


House Blend

Strength 4/5

This blend is made from South American Arabica and Asian Robusta beans and has a lot of body and produces a cup that is sweet, smooth and sophisticated. Slightly darker than a medium roast you can expect caramel and chocolate sweetness followed by a satisfying, long lasting, syrupy finish.

Death Wish

Strength: Sweet Lord, Are Ye Well In The Head?!

The Death Wish Coffee Company is a mission to keep you awake and protect the Earth in the process. Based in Saratoga Springs, New York, the company responsibly sources beans loaded with caffeine that have been intensified by a painstaking process of bean selection and roasting. This is one of the world’s strongest coffees, rich and smooth, dark roast with a lovely chocolatey flavour.

Death Wish.jpg

Swiss Water Decaf

Strength 0/5

If you love coffee, but don’t always want the caffeine, then consider our Columbian Swiss Water Decaff. The process is 100% chemical free and only uses coffee beans, water, time and temperature to remove the caffeine. The result is an amazing coffee without the caffeine. Sweet with a deep aroma, medium body and acidity and chocolate tones.

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