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Our Story

We opened our café in 2012 with the sole aim of trying to do something a little bit different. Struggling for the first few years we heard a story about the world’s strongest coffee ‘Deathwish’, roasted by a company in upstate New York. We hunted down a local supplier and our oddyssey into coffee perfection had begun.

We now source single origin coffees from all over the globe working closely with our roaster to deliver them to you in the best condition possible.

You will often find between 10-13 different coffees here, each with it’s own unique flavour profile, ready to sample and enjoy. We’re sure that we will have something to suit your own unique taste in coffee.

You can also buy beans and ground coffee from us to brew at home. For ground coffee, just let us know what type of grind suits your set-up at home.

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